-Poly Bags
-Gift Wrap
-Hotel Amenities
-Restroom Products
-Disposable Wipers
-Towel Dispensers
-Wrapping Products
-Packing Materials
-Tapes & Adhesives
-Office Supplies

-Permanent Ware

-Restaurant Supplies
-Bar Supplies
-Butcher Supplies

-Specialty Items
-3M Carbonless

-Poster Board
-Text Papers
-Pressure Labels
-Index Bristol

DPS We are more than quality products and dependable service

From the first day we opened our doors in 1874, one thing has never changed- our focus on providing customers with quality products and dependable service. We put our reputation on the line each day by challenging ourselves to solve our customers' problems by meeting their needs. The staff at Duluth Paper & Specialties is willing to accept this daily challenge because what it important to our customers is important to us.

Customers may think of us as the place to go when they need a particular product. We support our quality products with first-class service to our customers, creating a combination that allows Duluth Paper & Specialties to fully meet the needs of our customers. All of this makes us more than a place with quality products and dependable service, because: "we supply solutions."


Our companies histroy:
Ever since a horse-drawn wagon made our first delivery on Duluth's Superior Street in 1874, we have been building for the future needs of our customers. Time never stands still at DPS. We aim for total satisfaction of our customers, each and every time.

Our knowledge staff is ready to serve you:
We maintain a 22-person staff, including personal sales associates to meet our customers' needs. Our staff will meet with customers in person, and orders can also be placed over the telephone to our order desk that is staffed throughout the day.

Quick access to information:
We take pride in getting fast responses for the needs of our customers. Our state-of-the-art computer system allows us to shorten response time for thing such as volume pricing and bidding processes.

Customized facilities:
Our company's growth over the years has resulted in the need to construct a 30,000 square foot building. We have come a long way from the general merchandise house that got us off the ground in 1874, but now we have all the modern technology that enables us to meet the needs of our customers in the best possible manner.

Free delivery service:
The horse-drawn wagon we used in 1874 met the delivery standards of that era, and our current fleet of trucks will get our customers' solutions delivered when they need them. Free delivery is available to our customers located throughout most of northeastern Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin.

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